About the Chunky Chika

I'm just a fairly lame girl who has been on this weight loss journey. I have officially hit my halfway point and knew that I wanted this information for my older self... as kind of a reminder...so I never find myself where I was physically.

I have always been a heavy.fat.chunky.thick girl. I broke the 200 marker at 11 years old. I very slowly climbed up. Though I hid behind fake confidence. I would pretend I was hot shit in school (especially high school) and then cry at home in my bathroom. Rather than hiding behind large clothing I hid behind a self confidence that no one disputed. And it worked... people were shocked to know that I weighed 222 at my high school graduation. "You hid it very well, Nic." Yes....I did.

In the two years after high school, after getting pregnant, after all the stress eating I found myself 19 years old and 264 pounds. A year after then, at 20, I knew that my health was an issue when I couldn't keep up with my son. My fake confidence wasn't as trusty as it had been in high school... so I decided to change.

It took me two years to get to this point. Two years of plateaus and random obstacles to set me back (what feels like a million times) I'm finally 22 and at my halfway point!

So here it is... my last 62 pounds... for the world to see.